About the Service

How much does Your Local Plumber service cost?

  • The service is FREE to homeowners! We earn our revenue from Google, Yahoo and Bing advertisers and the many plumbing service providers that list their businesses for you to find.

How does the Your Local Plumber system work?

  • It's really quite simple. You enter your zip code and we'll show you a list of plumbing professionals that are servicing your area. You can get more details on each one and contact them via email or phone to get a quote. If any plumber listed has been reviewed, you will also see their rating.

Do I have to be a member to use the Your Local Plumber site?

  • No. In fact you never sign in at all. The member links you may see are for the plumbing professionals to login to maintain their listings. The only time we will ask you for any information is if you want to send an email to selected plumbing provider.

Are you an agent for the plumbing professional?

  • No. We are strictly an advertising site. We receive no fees or commissions resulting from any business that you may do with the plumber. Arrangements with the plumbers are made directly with them.

What cities does Your Local Plumber cover?

  • Potentially any city in the United States, including the territories of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands! If a service professional has registered with YLP and is servicing your home area then they will appear in your search results. (Sorry Canadian residents, we are not registering Canadian companies yet but we are considering it.)

Why are the search results not sorted by distance?

  • This is one of the more unique aspects of the YLP website. You as a homeowner really do not care if the service pro is located 2, 10, or 50 miles away from your home. They are coming to your house anyway! For this reason we do not sort the list by proximity.

About the Service Professionals

Does Your Local Plumber endorse the service pros?

  • No. We provide a listing service for the professionals but we do not have perform background checks or otherwise endorse the professionals. Please check out the business and ask for references to make sure you are comfortable with their service.

Does Your Local Plumber guarantee the work of the service pros?

  • No. We cannot guarantee any work done by these independent businesses. Please do let us know if you have problems with any business listed with YLP.

Do you verify the information in a service pro's listing?

  • No. The accuracy of all of the information in the service pro's listing is the responsibility of the individual service provider. If you feel that some information is misleading please let us know and we will work with the service pro to clarify the information.
  • About Contacting Service Professionals
  • How do I contact the service pros?

    • You can contact the service pros directly by phone or through the email form on this site. If you contact the service pro via phone, please make sure to mention that you found them on the YLP website. On each service pros page you will see a contact button which will give you the phone number and the ability to email them. Also on the search listing page you have the opportunity to email ALL service pros that are servicing your area.

    Why don't I see the service pro's email address?

    • In order to keep SPAM robots from finding the service pro's email address we keep that information hidden. You will fill out a form which will send an email directly to the service professional and then they will contact you directly (either through email or phone) and then you are on your way!

    Can I contact more than one service pro?

    • Yes. In fact it is encouraged and we have provided the "Contact All" feature to allow you to compose one email message that will be sent to all the candidate service pros serving your area with one button click! How's that for comparison shopping!

    Am I obligated to use a chosen service pro?

    • No. We just connect you to quality service professionals that are interested in your business. We hope you can come to an agreement with one of these businesses.

    When I inquire by email, do you sell my information to other companies?

    • Absolutely Not. Your information goes directly to the service pro (who will see your email address). We will never sell your information to third parties.

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